Our installation team offers design & consulting services for Employers and their Advisors considering the adoption of a new plan or the redesign of an existing plan.


SAI offers various fee schedules and programs to meet the needs of various business types. We have made the following forms available through our "One-Click" submission packages:


•  Combination plans – Our Combination Plan fee schedules for Employers considering both a Defined Benefit Plan and a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan. Recent Acts of Congress have made it extremely attractive for employers to sponsor both a defined benefit pension plan and a 401(k) profit sharing plan when maximizing retirement savings is a goal.


•  Cash Balance Defined Benefit & 401(k)


Traditional Defined Benefit & 401(k)


Fully Insured Defined Benefit & 401(k)


•  Cash Balance Defined Benefit & Micro(k)®


•  Defined Benefit & Micro(k)®



•  Qualified Plans — Our full service schedule for Employers with common-law, non-owner employees.


•  Micro(k)® Plans — Our limited service schedule for 401(k) Plans sponsored by Employers without common-law non-owner employees.


•  Non-Qualified Plans — Our limited service schedule for Section 457(b), Section 457(f) and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans.


Once the choice is made to engage SAI, a retainer, Fee Schedule & Administrative Service Authorization is required for each plan requested. Be sure to have the client complete the Designated Contacts section of the Administrative Service Authorization because this determines with whom SAI is able to share plan-related data (e.g., the attorney, accountant and financial advisor).


Once we have received your submission package, we will contact you to discuss the client’s needs and to request any additional information we may require. The entire installation procedure is discussed in more detail in our New Business Guidelines form. If this is your first time submitting a plan to SAI for servicing, it is important that you review this form.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (607) 771-1180.

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